Server Changelog
Patch 8.5.1 (03/28/2020)

-New Items -To remove a stash do /removestash to permanently delete a stash -Changes to economy -Fixes to speed traps -Optimizations -Fixes to burglaries -Fixes to Selling Drugs

Patch 8.5.0 (03/27/2020)

-Rebalancing and Changes to Economy -New Ace Lot -Fixed some missing tattoos -New Secrets -Clean Up -Changes to the world

Patch 8.4.9 (03/26/2020)

-Fixes to Roosters NPC Job -Changes to Drug Selling -Fixes to Drug Selling Optimization -Changes to Drug zone sizes/location -Removed Dead Teleports into Abyss -Prevent Shop Keeps from running away at Store Mugging -Fixes to prevent ATM exploit after robbing -Added new Tracker item( to stop tracking type /stoptracking

Patch 8.4.8 (03/25/2020)

*Completely New Custom Drug Selling Script -Much more intricate pricing lay out -Variable rates and successes -Doing /selldrugs will initiate selling where either you will be asked to sell to AI, or make deliveries to clients who will call you on your phone -New Hand off animation -New Limited Edition Item

Patch 8.4.7 (03/23/2020)

-Changes to robberies -Fixes to Mechanic Restore taking repair kits before complete -Fixes to Davis Dealership -Changes to Darkweb -Fixes to Vehicle Hijacking -Fixes to ATM Exploit -New Security measures for Police

Patch 8.4.6 (03/22/2020)

-New Robbery Script -New Items -Balancing and Changes -Security Upgrades -New Robbery locations

Patch 4.5.1 (05/29/2019)

-Revised death mechanics. Server desync from death should no longer be an issue. Also disabled /skin and Del menu exploit. -Added /e clipboard -Fixes to vehicles -Fixes to chopshop vehicle delete

Patch 4.5.0 (05/27/2019)

-New holster animation -Reworked Public Chop Shop completely -Fit & Gainz Business -Reworks to SOP and Ace Customs -New vehicles / vehicle tweaks -Patching Bugs and Errors

Patch 4.0.4 (05/23/2019)

-More missing images added to inventory -Fix to fishing. Type /fish to start fishing now -Stability -Upgraded Secrets -Balancinng -Changes to Repair Kits -Changes to damaged vehicle behavior -Working on all the secrets

Patch 4.0.3 (05/20/2019)

-New Inventory System -New Trunk System -Changes to Society Armories -Vehicle Updates -Ace Customs balancing -Secrets(Find out in rp)

Patch 4.0.2 (05/14/2019)

-Added Street Official Performance -Added Beekers Garage -Added Garages for both of the above jobs -Added favorites on phones for SOP, Beekers, and Cole Bros. -Fixed Exploits -Some groundwork for new inventory system

Patch 4.0.1 (05/12/2019)

-Fixes to Jail script -Final touch ups to Pizza Job -Go On Duty at front door -Around the corner is a place to get vehicle -Do your deliveries -If you need to end early go back to red blip -After all deliveries there will be a checkered flag where your vehicle spawned originally, press E to finish

Patch 4.0.0 (05/12/2019)

-Added base for Properties for testing in live server -Added Pizza Delivery Job -Redid Bike Rental Script -Fine tuning to taxi and garbage job -Reverted handling on all cars -Reverted the revert

Patch 3.2.5 (05/10/2019)

-Taxi Job Added in mirror park -Go on duty (you must be unemployed) -Taxi Outfit available once on duty at depot. -Grab a taxi from depot. -Pressing F6 will let you enable NPC pickups to earn cash -New Taxi Phone number added in favorite so your clients may contact you -Garbage Job Added near Maze Bank Arena -Go on duty at the blip -Walk up the stairs to get your outfit(MUST BE IN OUTFIT) -Grab a truck and start your route -When you want to be paid head back to depot to hand in truck -You will be charged for vehicle damages -Removed Entered/Exit Safe zone notifications

Patch 3.2.4 (05/02/2019)

-Added /dice animation -Added keyfob animation -Removed Toll Arms at garages (STOP FUCKING DRIVING ON THE SIDEWALK) -Removed Floating Battery in Cole Bros by calling an Exorcist -Removed Barricades by Hughes & Montgomery -Changes to Robberies -Froze Union Depository Safe -Moved Union Blip outside of safe -Each robbery has it's own Cops required -Balancing payouts

Patch 3.2.3 (04/24/2019)

-Twitter Will Now Require A Phone -Changes To Darkweb -Changes to drugs -Balancing to: -Drugs -NPC Tows -Jewelry Store -Changed GPS set key from E to UP Arrow -Added Police Impound -Removed Scoreboard from UP Arrow -Added Cole Brothers used Dealership

Patch 3.2.2 (04/23/2019)

-Added Nurses Peds at all hospital check in -Added multiple bed support for people to heal multiple at a time

Patch 3.2.1 (04/21/2019)

-Completely Redid Hospital Revive script. -Go to desk to check in - you will be revived and healed -Ped will teleport and animate onto a bed -Multiple beds coming soon -Optimized Garage givekey function to avoid "Not Your Vehicle" error -Added a washmoney in police armory for cops to deposit their evidence.

Patch 3.2.0 (17/05/2019)

-Added a bed at hospitals where a doctor will come and treat you -Removed Bandages and Medkits -Handling Changes

Patch 3.1.9 (10/05/2019)

-Changes to vanilla GTA vehicle handling -Changes to vehicle damage -Some fixes to performance

Patch 3.1.8 (08/05/2019)

-Changes to Chop Shop -2 Vehicles will be given to hunt at a time, find one to continue -You will remain in your car while chopping -Mechanic Ped will come work on your car -Lockpick will only break sometimes now -Hotwiring vehicles will give you the "keys" of the vehicle to turn on and off -Updated Help with new rules -Balancing and tweaks

Patch 3.1.7 (04/05/2019)

-Changes to Robberies -New Item -Fixes to jewel seller

Patch 3.1.6 (01/04/2019)

-Ace Customs will be offering exclusive cosmetics for vehicles -Fixed Bug with Chop Shop -Changes to Player Robbing -Notifications of patting down for robber -While you are being searched you are frozen -Robbers will be put in animation during robbery -Added Notification for /dw and /ad notifying player of cost

Patch 3.1.5 (31/03/2019)

- Different Characters will now have different closets -Tweeting and Darkweb will now put you into an animation while you are typing your message on your phone -Fixes to multiple characters

Patch 3.1.4 (21/03/2019)

- Different Characters will now have different closets -Tweeting and Darkweb will now put you into an animation while you are typing your message on your phone -Fixes to multiple characters

Patch 3.1.3 (21/03/2019)

-Removing /switch for the foreseeable future due to continued bugs -Selling to locals requires one cops to be online -Add new hidden dealers for each drug -They will wholesale buy drugs -They will sell packages for street dealers -Wholesaler WILL buy your drugs when there are no cops -Fixed Connection and FPS issues in Server 2

Patch 3.1.2 (21/03/2019)

-Fixed Exploits -Removed Rope Item -Added /drag , /seat, and /unseat -Changes to Voice -Began setting groundwork for expanding slots

Patch 3.1.1 (21/03/2019)

-When buying a Jerry Can you now are given a full one -Decreased Refueling Time -Jewelry Store Stairs are not under construction due to all the damage from all the vehicles running down them -Jewelry Store timer has been adjusted to proper time threshold -New Voice UI has been implemented *Pressing M will show you average distance *No markers on floors except when another player is talking -New Secrets :kappa:

Patch 3.1.0 (19/03/2019)

-Removed Calling Police Front Desk -Fixed Police Door Locks -Changed Drug Sell Script. Press E near a local to start selling mode, press E again to Sell -Further Performance Optimization

Patch 3.0.9 (06/03/2019)

-Add /switch to re-enter character select menu -Added Clothing toggle command with animations -/mask -/hat -/gloves -/glasses -/neck -/armor -/backpack -/pants -/rightarm -/leftarm -/ear -/shoes -/shoesF -/shirt -/shirtF -/pantsF -/allclothes

Patch 3.0.8 (04/03/2019)

-Added New Advanced Fishing Script -Includes Bait -Illegal Turtle and Shark fishing -Boat Rentals at docks -Police boats for PD at docks -Finished doorways for all new interiors including Paleto and Mojito Inn -20-30 FPS Increase on average

Patch 3.0.7 (04/03/2019)

-Added Shift+E to push destroyed vehicle off the road -Added Courtroom Interior -Added PD in Vinewood -Interiors for Hookies, Mojito Inn, and St. Fiacre Hospital are in teleporters will be added soon. -Police Warrants will now require approval from Judge -New Vangelico Store Robbery -Robbery Requires 2 Cops -Shoot to start robbery -Grab as many jewels as you can -Go to sell the jewels -Jewel sale requires 1 cop to be on -Jewels are serialized and considered stolen goods

Patch 3.0.6 (27/02/2019)

-Fixed to whitelist deposit inventory -Fixes to EMS Escort -Fixes to Police put in vehicle -General tunings

Patch 3.0.5 (24/02/2019)

-Fixed to whitelist deposit inventory -Fixes to EMS Escort -Fixes to Police put in vehicle -General tunings

Patch 3.0.4 (21/02/2019)

-Added Public Chop Shop -Added Page Up delete entity for whitelist jobs -Added 'Press Q' to set GPS when you get messages -Added 2 new garages -Fixed EMS menu bug -Finished Whitelist Script -Added Trunk Animation -Fixed Trunk Bug -Moved some teleporters for future things -Added new Police tackle for testing -General fixes -Some new secrets

Patch 3.0.3 (10/02/2019)

-Added new T-Shirt hoodie to wear under jackets for male and female -More edits to chat -Edits to trunk -add /togglechat to turn off everything in chat box -Editied server logs for staff

Patch 3.0.2 (09/02/2019)

-Removed /register -Removed /charselect -Removed /chardel - Completely redid chat functions and look - /ems for EMS - /sahp for SAHP - /ace for Ace Customs - /news for Weazel News - /dw for Darkweb will no longer show handles - /tweet will use your name with no space - /anontweet will tweet anonymously

Patch 3.0.1 (28/01/2019)

-Complete Update to Ambulance Script -Fixed Timer for death and now press and HOLD E to respawn early -Tweaks to multi character load in

Patch 3.0 (28/01/2019)

-Upon logging in you will see a character selection screen -New characters should have seperate everything -You can still use /register to create aliases on a character however it is not a true character -To re-enter character selection you must relog for the time being -Any exploitation cause will be treated very harshly.

Patch 2.0.4 (28/01/2019)

-Added old Livery Menu with Ctrl + L -Added old Extras Menu with Ctrl + E -Finished new secret -Added back the Ace Customs addon vehicles

Patch 2.0.3 (28/01/2019)

-Added /e chair/bed/leanf -Added Night Club dances -Added Bike Rental Script -Added Black Market Vehicle Shop -Moved vehicle spawn point paleto -Reduced repair kit prices -Removed Northern Go Postal delivery locations -Added several interiors -Removed Go Kart track -Removed Heavy Revolver

Patch 2.0.2 (18/01/2019)

-Added Nightclub Interior and Blip -Added cars from After Hours and Arena Wars Update -Fixes to secrets -Overall performance updates

Patch 2.0.1 (13/01/2019)

- Give mods ability to /clear and /clearall - Removed 9Gag phone app - Removed "Cruise" and added on/off notification - Lowered store robbery range - Lower hospital respawn from 20 min to 10 min - Allow early respawn with negative funds - Added pNotify upon early airlift - Implemented New Money Laundering - Changed default license plates to prevent errors with keys -Changed 50 cl Flask to Empty Bottle

Patch 2.0 (08/01/2019)

-Added Closet To Clothing Store -Added Clothing Store For PD Locker Room -Fixes To Money Wash -Consolidated Teleports -Cop Job Fixes -Player Robbing Fixed -Server Performance Increased

Patch 1.0.2 (03/01/2019)

- Fixed Robbery Timers - Changed Ringtone - New Jail Implemented - Fixed Jail Clothing - Fixed Jail Exploits - Fixed Default Clothing For Tattoo Shops - Added Tablet for Police only for CAD System - /e ... lean/cop/donut - Moved EMS blips to new PIllbox Hospital - Fixed /fine for Police - New /me System - Added Recycling Job - New menu using HOME button for ID and Phone Number - Moved/hid all drug locations except weed - Complete Economy Rebalancing

Patch 1.0.1 (21/12/2018)

-Cruise Control Key changed to X -Jerry Can shops added to gas stations -Fixed Dealership Vehicle Sell Bug -Fixed Paperboy End Job -Fixed EMS Out Of Vehicle Function -Drug Job touched up added animation, ped reactions, and auto stops when max limit reached -Added Air Control for Bikes and Motorcycles only

Patch 1.0 (19/12/2018)

-Added NativeUI -Added EasyAdmin -Added VehicleLiveryMenu with F10 -Added VehicleAddonMenu with F9 - Update es_extended (scaleform and function update from github) - Added DEL menu for ped models - Disable es_admin2 home menu - Remove es_admin2 broken report command - Add in working report comand (/report is sent to admins, /reply {id} is to send a message to a specific user) - Added notification to drugs that told you your inventory was full - Disable backspacing in skin menu - Fix key error from console - Shortened blackout (blackout timer and effect timer) - Added /donut (Prop may not show to others?) - Fix /e props getting stuck on player (press X to remove props) - Remove all drug blips except for weed - Removed gray suggestions background - Added in-game staff chat - Removed random tire popping - Rebuilt the entire police script -Added esx_salpr (This is Police Plate Reader with Numkey 5) -Disabled UP Arrow siren to allow cops ot use their phones -Disabled Ragdoll when cuffed -Fixed Police out of vehicle (EMS to be fixed soon) -Added Custom Hair/Beards/Clothing for CIVILIANS -Added Working Pillbox Interior -Modified Sandy Shores

Special Thanks: LazP#8021