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Bing, Blackstone, John Richardson
by Dezeri at Yesterday, 09:01 PM
Character Name: Renée Lopez

Date of Birth: 09-15-1986

Timezone: EST

How long have you been a civilian in the city?: 3 Months

How active are you in the city?: Around 50 hrs a week

Why do you want to be a LEO?: I want to be an LEO so that I have the resources to find more information about my brother Vicente y mi mamá Valería. Mi mamá was a cop that was well liked in our community in Guadalajara, although corrupción y machismo kept her from rising to a position of power. Unfortunately, I never got to meet her, as she died due to complications in childbirth with me. Mi papá always gave me exaggerated historias about her exploits, although I didn't know to take them with a grain of salt until I got older. To 7 year old me, Valería era un héroe, and I wanted to be just like her when I grew up. To [current age redacted] year old me, she remains alive in stories, but she is no more than a stranger I'd never met. The only clues I have are a diary she left en su escritorio, that dated back before even Vicente was born. She'd lived a life in Los Santos, one that mi papá refused to talk about. I can only hope that I can find more answers than questions. Unfortunately, my only lifeline in LS, Vicente, has been missing for the past six months. He knew I'd be applying to the academy soon and he vanished around the time I started training.

Have you been a part of another Emergency Response faction from our server? If yes, which one(s)?: Negativo.

Tell us a little about you and who you are (as in-game character, 150 word minimum): I was born and raised in Guadalajara, México with mi papá, y mis hermanos Vicente, mejor, y Alex, mayor. I moved to Los Santos with Vicente when I was 24 on a work visa, while Alex remained home with the family he started at 17. It took years for me to become a citizen, as the process is very intensive, but I finally received my citizenship a year ago. Vicente and I wanted to find out more information sobre Valería since she had a life here, and thought this would be the best place to start. Since he has been missing, I've been working at the Gentry Manor Hotel, staying in an employee room trying to save up enough money to get a place to live while applying for the SAHP. 

by itsBob at Yesterday, 01:43 AM
Character Name: Bob Farm

Date of Birth: 02-21-1989

Timezone: Eastern

How long have you been a civilian in the city?: 2 Months

How active are you in the city?: 25 hours give or take.

Why do you want to be a LEO?: I have always cruised the streets and thought to myself, how can I make an impact as one man on this town? I believe being a law enforcement officer is the way I can achieve this. I understand being an officer is a big responsibility but I know I am up to handling the task. I want to be responsible for making a difference in this state, and keep the city safe.

Have you been a part of another Emergency Response faction from our server? If yes, which one(s)?: I have not been a part of any first response/emergency services in High Stakes, however I have been a LEO on many other servers.

Tell us a little about you and who you are (as in-game character, 150 word minimum): Every day I see criminals tearing this city apart and I want to be part of the solution, rather than sitting around and watching good people being taken advantage of. I am a hard working individual with a strong set of morals and beliefs, and I would make an excellent addition to the SAHP. I am a dedicated learner, which allows me to very quickly pickup and learn material. I have a great attention to detail which would help me figure out situations, and potential crimes. I am very calm mannered, which allows me to stay calm, and work through difficult situations, rather then simply escalating them. I am very appreciative of you reviewing my application and I hope to see you soon as a sworn in brother in blue.

by notorious⭑ at 08-20-2019, 10:36 PM
Niko Ori was born on the West Side of Chicago in 1990. Being raised amongst poverty, ghettos, and violence, forced him to grow up at a young age. At the age of 12, Niko witnessed his father be murdered, which would forever change his view of the world. 

All through out his childhood and teenage years, Niko would participate in questionable acts with his "friends" including: 

Drug Trafficking
Grand Theft Auto

When he was 19, Niko unknowingly slept with the daughter of the well know gangster of Chicago, Big C. Big C sent all of his goons at Niko and a fire fight ensued at the local 7-11. The aftermath was devastating and Niko survived with critical injuries. 

Many years later, Niko's mother got sick and the only doctor that could help her was located in Los Santos. So, Niko decided to pack up his bags, and move to the city to make sure she was alright and not alone. Would his past decide to follow him?
by ♥Brass_AU♥ at 08-20-2019, 05:36 AM
Moving from Australia back into the big new city of Los Santos, Bradley has returned to pay his dues, return to old friends and take back his reign of the city >Smile

Good to be back with you guys. It's been a long time, can't wait to play with you again Smile
by NM at 08-13-2019, 05:51 PM
Character Name: Adrian Hammer

Date of Birth: 19-11-1992

Timezone: Mountain

How long have you been a civilian in the city?: 4-5 Months

How active are you in the city?: 4+ hours a day

Why do you want to be a LEO?: To help clean up the city and stop people from loitering around garages around the city. Crime rates have spiked and groups like the Corona Street Gang and the Cartel have been taking over in the past week. Kidnapping rates and violent crime has been spiking and I want to put my driving skills to work in the pursuit division to help cut crime straight at the source. (As an extended goal)

Have you been a part of another Emergency Response faction from our server? If yes, which one(s)?: Only worked as tow on my criminal character, have played EMS and Police on ARMA RP servers back in the day. Similar but different. 

Tell us a little about you and who you are (as in-game character, 150 word minimum):  I am a car enthusiast who loves to legally race cars at the track on my spare time. I have dreamed of being a member of the pursuit division of the police force for many years. I want to apply my driving skill to the test and see if I can help catch criminals before they make it home free with money or goods that are used to further fund criminal activity within the city. I am willing to learn and can adapt to stressful situations. I listen and learn from those around me and I am open to input that will help my career. I have no desire to bully, or to abuse power, that is not my personality. I do want to belong to a team where I can use my skills to the best of my ability to help the team succeed. 

by OutHereBoppinTTV at 08-13-2019, 01:46 AM
Character Name: Jaquis Johnson

Date of Birth: 11-03-1995

Timezone: Central

How long have you been a civilian in the city?: 6 months

How active are you in the city?: 30

Why do you want to be a LEO?: I would like to become an LEO because I feel I can give people good interactions and be a Trooper at the same time. I have always thought about becoming a LEO but was new to RP and wanted to learn about it more before I applied for the force.

Have you been a part of another Emergency Response faction from our server? If yes, which one(s)?: Have not been a part of Emergency Response.

Tell us a little about you and who you are (as in-game character, 150 word minimum): My name is Jaquis Johnson, I was born on Strawberry Ave and raised up in vinewood. When I was just a little boy around the age of 3-4 my daddy went to jail for selling narcotics on the block. After daddy went to jail momma couldn't support me and my sister so she gave us up to adoption. My adoptive parents were very rich, Timothy my adopted father was in the military all his life and had just retired. So I grew up in vinewood and was always helping out my adoptive father. Me and him grew so close I wanted to join the military just like him and grow up to be just like him. When i went to the recruiting office and tried to enlist they told me i couldn't due to medical conditions. Tim told me to pursue my dreams and to serve my country. I have been waiting on the letter in the mail from the military praying that one day they let me in, but for the time being I will serve my country the next best way, becoming a State Trooper.

by mbteach2me at 08-07-2019, 01:44 AM
Character Name: James Jones

Date of Birth: 13-01-1994

Timezone: EST

How long have you been a civilian in the city?: About 6 months

How active are you in the city?: 6+ hours

Do you have any experience with EMS (Past cities or real life)? : I do not have any experience with EMS in past cities nor real life although I am a fast learner, I do have experience Policing in this city though and previous ones.

Have you ever been arrested/convicted of a felony? If so, explain: : I have never been arrested of any Felony my record is squeaky clean.

Why do you want to join the EMS? (50 or more words required): The reason why I would like to join EMS is that I’ve been on the LEO side of the law quite a while saving lives and I’ve decided I need a change. Recently my brother in law died around people who didn’t have enough medical training to save him. This death made me really realize that Id likes to step up and learn how to save a life. Id like to save lives in a different way then I could while on the force, keep people healthy and happy.

What do you think the duties of EMS are?: To be the first responder and save/help as many people as possible.

by boobles at 08-06-2019, 08:17 AM
Name: Nicholas Clementine
Date of Birth: 12/16/00
Phone# 13760

How long have you been in Los Santos? I moved to LS about 2 months ago
Why have you decided to apply to be a member of Ace Customs? I've been a mechanic in my previous city for quite some time. I would like to tinker with cars to get them working or to make then look beautiful in a guest's eyes. I love helping people achieve that perfect look.
What is your availability? I'm available most of the week towards the afternoon into the night.
Do you have experience handling oversized vehicles? Yes. I have dealt with tow trucks as well and semi-trucks for hauling
What qualifications do you have to be a mechanic? (Previous Experience etc) I was a mechanic in my previous city.
What does being a mechanic mean to you? Being a mechanic is more than just working on cars, its like solving a puzzle, figuring out what went wrong and fixing it.
Have you been convicted of crimes? No
Are you a legal citizen? If not do you have a working visa? Yes.

As a member of Ace Customs, we expect you to represent the company as best as you can while on duty. We pride ourselves in customer service and quick response times. During the interview, you may be given a driving test with the truck. Company vehicles are expensive and are to be treated with the utmost respect.

By submitting this application, I Sapphire Holliday swear that all details provided are authentic. If chosen for the job, I will uphold the company guidelines of Ace Customs. If I fail to do so, I understand I will be terminated. I will not abuse the privileges of the job.
by Keyblades1234 at 08-06-2019, 02:27 AM
Character Name: John Lincoln

Date of Birth: 29-03-1999

Timezone: UTC -6

How long have you been a civilian in the city?: a few months now

How active are you in the city?: 10-20 even when the city isn't that active

Why do you want to be a LEO?: I really love being an LEO There is nothing I'd rather do than uphold the law and form friendships with other officers and civs along the way. I've always found patrolling more fun than being a criminal as it gives me something to actively do and contribute to people rather than take up a spot on the train and do nothing with it.

Have you been a part of another Emergency Response faction from our server? If yes, which one(s)?: No, I have not, unfortunately, this is my first application to any of the departments you guys offer.

Tell us a little about you and who you are (as in-game character, 150 word minimum): Growing up in the city of Chicago while my dad was still alive. My dad being a cop at the time taught me small tips on how to be a cop. It was after this I was dead set on becoming a cop so I did what any normal kid did. I watched TV shows on Cops like obviously Cops the tv show, Law and Order SVU, and Live PD later in life. I practiced all the information I had learned and continued to learn from my dad. That was until I was about 24 when he was killed in the line of duty during a shootout between 2 gangs and the cops in the Englewood neighborhood of Chicago. This was when I decided to leave the city of Chicago for the promise of living out my dreams of being a cop on the west coast. This was when I started doing odd jobs, collecting on warrants as a bounty hunter, and studying all I could on San Andreas law. Now finally having the money I’ve finally gotten my ticket to fly to the state of San Andreas and have the pleasure of filling out this application for your department today.

by PickleOfMarines at 08-05-2019, 07:11 AM
 Nikki Abramo - Was in the Marine Corps for 12 years is now the owner of ARGUS securities based in Chicago for High Rollers, executives and extraordinaire's. Now with his 3 brothers Armano, Philip and Marko they are moving to Los Santos to expand their securities empire and start a new life. Nikki has always enjoyed fast cars, big mansions and an extraordinary life style. Nikki has since taken up racing in Pro/Am leagues including the Porsche GT3 Series and the Ferrari Challenge Series.
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