Savahn Kelly

I'm Savahn. I'm from around the way. Grew up in the barrio. Never knew my mother, she traded me to my aunt for a fucking car, that bitch. My dad? he was always busy doin other shit... working, ya know like hard labor crap. I know I don't want to be like him. His life is boring as hell. Me? I wanna be somebody. I mean like, I'm like almost 21 and I need to make my own mark on the world. I like to drive, maybe I can get a j.o.b. as a driver for someone important.

Never been to prison. Maybe I've done a few nights in a cell... maybe not. That's my business, not yo's. Being half native american and half who the fuck knows, I get looked at all crazy and shit. Don't like the color of my skin? Fuck you then. I piss just like you... and I look better doin it.

I'm not as tall as I want to be but I love my cornrows... hell yeah.


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