Cummies Everywhere!? Trooper Down!
HOLY NEWS! Our printers down here at Los Santos Meteor were out for a few days and boy have we missed some juicy headlines! Marcel King, the beloved manager at Ace Customs has apparently gone off the deep end! Three days ago he was charged with kidnapping and attempted murder of a pregnant woman, and possession of a class 2 weapon(an AK-47, and extortion.  The victim, a Roxanne Carlos, had 2 toes chopped over, ring finger severed, and also was punched in her belly killing her 2 unborn children.

Marcel appears to be going down a very dark path with reports of him starting a gang called “Cumi” , perhaps tied to his boss Cummings?!?! SCANDALOUS! These Cumis or Cummies or whatever the plural may have been involved in several police shootings, one of which occurred yesterday at the Pink Cage Motel which led to the seasoned Trooper Justin Holliday to go into a coma! A sure fire loss for SAHP.

After some research into the word “Cumi” I found two definitions that may pertain to the meaning of the gang name. One being it is often a name given to people with the origin meaning being “Arise”. The other is derived from an Indonesian word “Cumi-cumi” which is used for squid. GROSS! What is this new gang’s intentions? What do they want? Keep an eye out for cummies near you!

We are currently hiring Journalists and Reporters! Feel free to contact me (Phillip Anderson) at 10074 , with any inquiries or possible news leads! We'd love to have you in our paper! We also are selling ad space on our papers to help with funding! 


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