Top 10 Criminals
This might be hard work compiling everything. But i think it might be cool to have a top 10 active criminals in the city kind of like a leaderboard. Like total charges, fines, Jailtime etc. Maybe not for in server, but maybe in the paper or on the website in disc or something. would be cool to see the kind of total charges a criminal has racked up over their career. Juan probably #1

Juan would not be #1 he doesn't get caught that much. This type of list would promote people just trying to commit a bunch of crimes to be #1 further promoting bad RP for police. If we could trust that it would be done in a non shitlord way I would be all for this type of thing. But as we have seen and continue to see it doesn't always work that way

Well he had the one big one, and yea i could see people just commiting crimes and trying to get caught to try and pump their rookie numbers up. Maybe not make it in a leaderboard style. I would see it as something that criminals would use as kind of a rep where yea its great if they get away but also not the worst thing in the world if they get caught cause it kinds of ups there rep.

I would say if you would like to make something up and shoot it to me of people I would be more than happy to take a look at it.


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