Sandy Shores PD YMAP/Interior Change
Ive been scouring the forums for some interiors for other reasons and I came across this post that had something for Sandy PD way at the bottom of the post. And I remember the last time I was in lockup at Sandy, the interior seemed really outdated and old - and I vaguely remember someone from staff, cant remember who really, saying they found it and went with it since nothing new has came up. So idk, thought I'd pass this along and you can gauge whether or not it's worth implementing over our already existing one. Or if it's even possible. Cause I'm not entirely sure what it is I'm looking for on these forums, but I'm trying.

The first choice will take you to GitHub to download the code, I believe and ofc the second choice will have you download it straight from 5mod. I'm not sure if either coding is different, but I decided to provide the source for both because it's better to be cautious.

Original source (sandy PD second to last bullet point of the post):

5mod source:


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