Economy Templates
Below you will find various templates to log the economy based on whichever of these jobs you happen to be doing at the time. These templates are available to copy and use, just follow the easy steps below to get them.

1) Click the the link that corresponds with the job you are looking to log
2) Upon clicking the link you will be redirected to a tab in your browser where you will be shown the template and to access it all you need to do is go to the top left and click "
File" and from that dropdown menu click on the option "Make a copy"
3) Youll then be prompted to save the copy and it should redirect you to your  own personal log
4) If you werent redirected, simply head on over to your google drive where it's been stored!

I'm not sure if I missed a job entirely, I probably did, and I'm not sure if these templates are 100% done, but they are definitely ready for use and this information could be very useful to the staff and our community in general since we're literally shaping our economy right now. If you have constructive criticism to provide that would help better these templates, feel free to PM me and I'll make some adjustments.







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