Phone in prison
Not being able to use a phone in prison while in visitation seems a bit much. I understand the consequences for doing crime etc. should be drastic, but at the same time the way prison is it's just a complete time out from any RP. I would suggest maybe there is a single job you can do (cleaning cells) you clean 10 you get visitation and then you can use your phone. Takes about 5-10 mins to clean those 10 cells. I think at any point sitting in prison on a timeout from RP is just not a good look and that making a way for you to at least be able to get visitors IC should be a thing. It's minor but you don't want prison to feel like a punishment from RP is my opinion. Should still have a chance to call your friends after a bit and catch up with shit while in prison.

The reason being for not wanting it to be a timeout from RP - It encourages shooting cops even if your character wouldn't, it adds to the win mentality of criminals, and it takes away from some of the fun cop RP that can be had when you do actually get caught.

There are times where being arrested can be fun and when you know you are going to go to a 45 min afk session of sitting in prison it doesn't promote RP at all it actually hurts it.

Can agree with this. As a career criminal on HS ive been to jail quite a lot. If your committing large crimes and providing rp for cops there needs to be some way to maybe reduce time while in prison either through working some time off. For the most part cops do give reduced time for good rp and for having to wait for extended periods of time while with the cops. I feel there could be a little more than just afking in jail.

My issue wasn't really the time more that I had zero way of contacting anyone. 45 months in prison is essentially a 45 min afk session. If I was able to call once in visitation I think it would feel a lot better in terms of RP.


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