Alvin Marvin

My name is Alvin Marvin, I go by Marv. I grew up in the inner city and became involved with some people who may be considered unruly or criminal. My father abandoned us at a young age and my mom worked all the time to try and keep us afloat. At 20 I went to jail for stabbing my exs brother because he kept calling me chipmunk, cause of my first name. That was 4 years ago, been out for 2. 

I consider myself to be a laid back individual but I can have a temper which is what always gets me in trouble. Sometimes I come off as rude because I can be kind of quiet but its just how I have always been. I've been a mechanic since I got out of prison which helps me stay focused, but my friends keep trying to pull me back into the "life".

Been seeing Rosanne Harris (saves me 20 bucks on a haircut since shes a stylist) and we work out together 4 days a week.


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