Introduction to Peyton Weber and Peyton Weber
My name is Peyton Weber I am 18 and currently @ college in Orlando for Simulation and Visualization. I have been on the computer for around 9 years now and am enjoying rp since GTA 4 LSPDFR. Since then I have upgraded through games Arma 3 and then now Five M. I have played different characters for around 7 years and developed new backstories and just had fun! I am currently here because I enjoy RP and had to leave Nopixel for just the sheer craziness it has become.
I am an open person and want to be friends with anyone I come across you can add me on steam or talk with me about anything 
Add me if you want

In character:

Name: Peyton Weber
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Race: White
Occupation: Paramedic
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 186
Markings: Scars on chest from accident in early life
Physical Features: Large and fit
Personality: Loner | Excietable | Reckless | Quiet | Observent
Education: Class of 2017 [Florida Technical College] | Studying Law

Backstory (1stPerson):
My early life was interesting I was from a young age. I was grown in a nice family and life was going smoothly. I had the stereotypical white boys life. I lived in Florida on the coastline went fishing with my friends and enjoyed life. I went to school and fished on the weekends. One night my family was getting ready for a party. I was upstairs chilling after I finished getting dressed it was 4 days before Christmas so my room was illuminated by my tree. Finally, my mother called me down. I ran downstairs and jumped into my car seat. My mom came over and buckled me up once I was in my rocket chair we had blast off. We pulled out and headed to the party at the party my parents had a good time I just sat and played GameCube with the other kids. Finally, we left once again I was buckled up and we took off. It was late and being in Florida it started to rain. We came to a stop at a stoplight I was half asleep and my parents were talking about how cute I was. The light turned green and my dad rolled forward and started on the gas lightly I looked up and the last thing I remember seeing was my mother's face with a smile planted on her lips with odd illumination. The last thing I heard my father say was “Fuck”. The report said that the diesel truck rolled our car 7 times and my parents were DOA. The truck driver was found 2 days later passed out drunk in his truck. After my parents were killed by a drunk driver I have never really done much. I didn't go through college and just kinda kept to myself. After moving to the island I figured I needed a job and I feel that with my hardworking and strict attitude I could have been a great police officer. After being denied 3 times I settled for going to paramedic school and become a paramedic. After graduating I was a fully fledged EMS but wasn't satisfied. I still wanted to be a cop because I had been practicing for a long while in police explorers I did countless ride alongs and my foster parent was a patrol captain. It felt at home when I was around the police. After my parents passed I feel like I need to prevent other kids from encountering the loss of friends or family members. After coming to the island I joined the EMS and became a paramedic but I was not satisfied. I want to prevent bad things from happening to others not just help them when it happens. I need a purpose and I have already given back to the city and helping those who have been hurt but what if I could prevent that from happening altogether stop bad things before it can happen?


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