Leroy Breaux
Leroy was born and raised on the swamps of south Louisiana, his Cajun blood led him to spend most of his childhood on the water, fishing, hunting, trapping etc. Going into his teens Leroy started to make friends with the wrong types of people... though he never evolved into doing the hard drugs and only smoked a bit of weed his friends got into the hard stuff. Leroy and his buddies started to hang around a local MC when they were 17 years old. Leroy used his knowledge of the bayous and swamps to transport drugs from one area to another under the police radar. One day Leroy was running product for the MC and a guy attempt to steal from Leroy as he was refueling his boat, following the code of the MC Leroy knew the man had to be punished. Leroy only meant to give him a small scare and rough him up abit, but the first strike felt good... Leroy enjoyed himself and by the time he had realized it the man was dead. Leroy dumped his body near a known gator nesting area knowing the gators would take care of the evidence. Soon, Leroy found himself in situations where he ended up doing these kinds of things more and more often. One day it got really bad and police were asking questions after a local man found a body tangled in his fishing line. One of Leroy's buddies told the police it was the MC that had something to do with it and Leroy knew that meant he would have to punish his own friend. Instead of feeling any sort of sadness all he felt was excitement. Leroy did what he had to do but felt something was not right. After seeing a doctor to try and figure out why he seemingly felt nothing while taking out one of his best friends Leroy was told he had some sort of chemical imbalance in his brain that left him incapable of feeling any type of emotion. Leroy went down the the MC clubhouse after getting this news and overheard two high ranked members saying that Leroy would be the next to be taken care of cause he knew too much and they feared after having to kill his friend he may flip on them.  Leroy rushed home and packed his bags and headed on a plane to the farthest place he could think of... Los Santos. Being in Los Santos for about a week Leroy soon discovered being out here alone would be dangerous for him. So he fell back into his old ways and joined up with the local MC in Los Santos... and this is where Leroy's Adventure begins.


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