Vincent Bloom
 Vincent Bloom was born in Little Havana, Vice City to parents that owned a long haul trucking company. After his mother and father were arrested for using their company as a front for selling jazz cigarettes in front of a soda bar, Vincent enlisted in the Marines and was shipped off to Vietnam where he did 14 tours in 5 years until he was captured and made POW for 3 days.

He negotiated his own release from the camp and VC officers asked the U.S. Government "This man very annoying, never shut the fuck up, take him back now"

After Vietnam, Bloom made his money by stealing and selling cars until the cocaine boom of the mid-70s when he took after his parents starting a long haul trucking company and taking cocaine from Vice City into Liberty City for the Triads. A decade later The Triads were raided by the FIB and the company Bloom owned for was subsequently seized. Facing a number of charges with lengthy prison time Bloom managed to talk himself out of every charge aside from a single loitering ticket. He was impressed with himself. 

It was during his 3rd divorce in 1990, after negotiating to pay his ex-spouse $1 a year in alimony, that he decided to study law. He moved to Staunton Island, Liberty City, and started attending St. Matthias University where he graduated with the 19th highest grade in his class of 20, but Greg never came so really the class only had 19. 

Since graduating from college, Bloom has moved to Los Santos where he worked odd jobs at GoPostal and for the recycling plant until he eventually passed the state bar and was approved to practice law. He now owns a small law firm "Bloom & Associates" and mostly makes his money by overcharging for things most people could probably do themselves but are otherwise too lazy to. 

It's been claimed that he has a gambling and cocaine addiction but he refuses to acknowledge that you can be addicted to gambling and bets you $200 you can't prove he's ever done cocaine. 

Bloom is annoying and combative, a con man and scam artist, his win/lose mentality extends to his private life and he thinks his Lamborgini can compensate for a fairly shitty personality. He thinks he's more selfish than he is and frequently gets injured trying to help his friends, or driving. 


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