Teamspeak VOIP Set Up
Hello everyone,

These are going to be step by step instructions on setting up Teamspeak to use for our better VOIP system.

1) Download and install Teamspeak3 at:

2) Create a Teamspeak account and log in to the program.

3) Download and Install the VOIP Plugin at the following link:

4) Set up PTT  for Teamspeak to be used for in game local chat.

Go to tools , then options 


Then click "Capture"


And select "Push-To-Talk" and set your PTT for in Game

5)Disable announcements

Go to Notifications in the Options box


From the drop down box at the top, select "Sounds Deactivated"

6)Completely close Teamspeak, reopen and connect to the server ""


7) After joining server you will automatically be put into the "Waiting Room" this is the room you should be in while waiting to join the server. After you are here FiveM will handle everything else from here!



NOTE:  Talking in game phone and radio will be done using the LEFT ALT Key. This is an ingame PTT programmed by server, people around you will still hear you locally with this PTT. Any further questions ask Staff on Discord or join the Support Channel in the Teamspeak.


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