Niko Ori
Niko Ori was born on the West Side of Chicago in 1990. Being raised amongst poverty, ghettos, and violence, forced him to grow up at a young age. At the age of 12, Niko witnessed his father be murdered, which would forever change his view of the world. 

All through out his childhood and teenage years, Niko would participate in questionable acts with his "friends" including: 

Drug Trafficking
Grand Theft Auto

When he was 19, Niko unknowingly slept with the daughter of the well know gangster of Chicago, Big C. Big C sent all of his goons at Niko and a fire fight ensued at the local 7-11. The aftermath was devastating and Niko survived with critical injuries. 

Many years later, Niko's mother got sick and the only doctor that could help her was located in Los Santos. So, Niko decided to pack up his bags, and move to the city to make sure she was alright and not alone. Would his past decide to follow him?


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