About me and my character (Ben Bite)

What i do in my freetime: i play games, ride motorbikes and screw around.

Questions you may wanna ask: 

Do you have a life? - No

Where are you from? - Finland

What games you play? - Used to play CSGO still do sometimes. Lost my motivation when i stopped being better, sometimes fortnite aka cancernite im boring I KNOW. Gta rp obivously. Runescape. Halo reach pc, the day i post this 7 days till the release!


Birth date & childhood: Born 31/10/2000, raised in USA by finnish mother and american father. Learned being trustworthy early, which helped him making friends. He learns fast, very fast if he just cares. Took many paths during his lifetime from bad to better. 

Some information you should know: Killing isnt his thing, avoids it as long as possible! When you meet him you can openly ask anything, from questions to favor.  Can be friends with anyone, serieously... anyone. 

Interests: Has interest on cars, especially nissan skylines. Not a professional mechanic, but hes learning. Always wanted to own a dog, but in his youth his mother wouldnt want one because she tought Ben would lose his interest in it.

Personality: Quick, sometimes has problems with paying attention or listening if he is doing something else at same time. Will find alot of thing funny, way too often. Doesnt get pissed off too easily, but if he does it usually doesnt last long to calm down. 

I know i might have forgotten something but thats me, bad memory. feel free to comment if i did or should add, remove or change something. Have a great day!

I would say welcome to the server but my cop character (Officer Payne) has already welcomed you with that burglary lol

Haha, indeed.


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