Form submission: Highstakes LEO application
Character Name: Matt Ruffo

Date of Birth: 23-12-1989

Timezone: Eastern

How long have you been a civilian in the city?: I have been a civilian in the city since it first started with its new brand name but I kept having to leave because life got complicated.

How active are you in the city?: 21 hours a week I am active in the city I believe.

Why do you want to be a LEO?:   The reason why I want to become an LEO is that I want to protect the people of Los Santos. I want to make sure no crimes are being committed and serve justice. I strive to make sure people are making their money legally, not selling drugs, and make sure everyone in the city isn't going rogue. I want to patrol the streets so no one is breaking any traffic laws, and make sure no one is losing their loved ones from death by a criminal, kidnapping, and more.

  I would like to further make sure there is no gang violence being spread around the city I love. I desire to make sure all of the banks are safe. So I can ensure that no one will be losing any of their money from their bank accounts so at the end of the day everyone is happy. I want to protect the people of Los Santos from drunk drivers.  Because there're people with family's out there and we need to make sure everyone travels the road safely, and securely to get back to their loved ones. In conclusion, this is why I want to become an LEO to protect and serve the city I love.

Have you been a part of another Emergency Response faction from our server? If yes, which one(s)?: I have not ever been an Emergency Response faction. Although, I work at staff for the reason being to meet new people and try to stay out of the drama. I am intersted in joining the LSPD department.

Tell us a little about you and who you are (as in-game character, 150 word minimum): My name is Matt Ruffo I work at Shaft and Nuts because I want to stay out of the crime life and do something good for the city instead of just trashing it. I just moved in from vice city looking for a fresh start and to reunite with my friends and family in this new city. I lost contact with my friends and family after a great tragedy that happened in our old city. I once told them all if anything bad happened to meet each other up at the city of Los Santos. Once we get reunited with my family plan is to reform my life and get a new job. When I graduated from high school the first thing I wanted to do was enroll in the military. Once I enrolled in the military they put us through hard tasks and training. After a few years, I left the military to finally spend time with my family and friends. I was restricted to calls here and there but it just never felt the same. Once I took the plane back to vice city I was only there for a few days trying to get around only to realize that my home city was constantly having shootouts 24/7. Once I got home I saw the door left wide opened and the windows all shattered into bits and pieces. At this point, I thought something might have happened to my family and I was extremely worried. I walked up the stairs to my room and saw a note left on the counter of my bedroom telling me that my family has moved to Los Santos since our city has turned to crap. I didn't have much money left to even move to Los Santos so I had to find a job but that was just impossible since there was no one looking for employment. I found this one liquor store looking for security guards so I asked the owner of the store and he offered to pay me $5 an hour. I took it since I had nowhere else to go. It took me about two years to get the money I needed to get a plane to Los Santos it was a tough experience people use to always come and rob the store multiple times. I've killed people, injured them, and I just did what I had to do to survive and get back to my family. I then bought my ticket to Los Santos and began my journey to find my family.

contact Cheif Tanker to schedule a interview


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