Form submission: Highstakes LEO application
Character Name: John Miller

Date of Birth: 05-04-2000

Timezone: US central

How long have you been a civilian in the city?: I have been playing in the city since april 2019

How active are you in the city?: 10-25

Why do you want to be a LEO?: I really enjoy the cop gameplay. I was an officer (Jordan Steel) but was removed for inactivity. I lost my pc and I finally have a new one, I'd like to get back into RP as a cop and create RP for criminals and regular citizens alike. I'm already familiar with 10-codes, Policing procedures and the other clerical duties that go into being a cop in the city.

Have you been a part of another Emergency Response faction from our server? If yes, which one(s)?: Yes, I was a part of the Los Santos Police department several months ago and was removed for inactivity.

Tell us a little about you and who you are (as in-game character, 150 word minimum): John Miller is the son of the police chief in Dallas Texas. He fought in the Gulf War as a member of the 26th infantry unit. After returning to Texas he went to work as a member of his father's force and eventually left due to familial reasons. He has turned to Los Santos seeing the large issues of the city; rampant gang violence, robberies, and other organized criminal activity.

Some might call him a hard ass, others a teddy bear. Yet in reality, he is a man of high morals who seeks to set others onto the right path. He believes Los Santos will be the perfect place to help the community with his set of skills.

Are looking to join LSPD or BCSO?


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