Value Your Life
Value Your Life - Considering this is a serious rp server i feel this rule should be adjusted to reflect that. Given the rp reason some things should reflect on how this rule is applied. 
Ex. Robbing a bank and ending in a shootout with police. This is something that seems plausible givin the rp lead up. 
Ex. (What happened today between me and jimmothy) Pulling a gun on a cop and shooting him over a simple charge when there are other officers present does not seem to fit. As that person would likely be dead before they hit the ground. 
If someone has a gun on you and you dont comply you are not valueing your life.
The rule kinda rights itself. You should value your characters Life, whether your a criminal, a super duper badass therapist(jimmothy) or a cop. 
This is a SERIOUS Rp server and i feel this rule should be adjusted to fit that.

The way someone's character values their life is subjective. It could be not getting shot, or not going to jail, depends on the person.

If we had the rule that if someone has a gun on you and you don't comply, you're not valuing your life, it would be abused.

Say we change this rule to what your idea of valuing life is. Now, I decide I want to pull a gun on you every time I see you in server and rob your taser as a cop. If you don't comply, you get banned? Its going to get stale pretty fast, and you aren't going to enjoy being on duty for very long. I can also guarantee that if this rule had been in the server when we opened, every single one of our regulars would be banned by now.

We are a serious rp server, and as such, we expect you to behave appropriately. You're all adults, and shouldn't be limited by black and white rules because of one scenario.

I don't know exactly what happened today, and don't really need or want an explanation. It's obvious you're upset with how a scenario went today, but that doesn't warrant changing a rule for the entire server that will limit rp and force people to comply in scenarios where they may not normally do so. You go to staff, as you did, and it can be taken care of from there.

I dont think valuing your life is very subjective. If I value my life im not going to put my character in a position that will likely result in death. I think characters that are willing to get shot in a shootout is fine. Gangbanger rp is fun and shootouts are realistic. I get that people have a badass character who doesnt take shit from anyone but those people die all the same as a PED. You shouldnt puposely put yourself in a situation where its 1v5 and start shooting let alone against police officers. I would see this as not valueing your life aka would likely result in death. Obviously this would be hard to enforce and would fall on mod/admin discretion. For the regulars, i feel most people know when and when not to try anything funky. They have played long enough to realize that hey if i try anything ill probably get mowed down. Or they know hey, that person is 20 yards away pointing a gun and im 3-5 yards from cover i can try and make a quick dash to cover to level the playing field and/or talk it out. But...

Its just the point when someone has a gun on your head literally within spitting distance and people still think its fine to try and punch or pull a gun. That action is ending any sort of rp that could come. Either the person pulling gets gunned down immediatly or by some miracle you outplay the person with a gun on you and you kill them. Rp for that scenario ends right their. The following scenario between the two will likely end much faster.
Everyone talks about creating stories. If you value your life, more will come. Sure someone gets the best of you in that situation. But hey you know who they are and you can further that story.
When it comes to police officers and valuing there life its different. As we are paid to put our lives on the line every time we step on duty. If someone gets a draw on me as my police officer i put my hands up becuase i value my life and would prefer not to die. If i feel that i can get to cover/tackle i will do that.
This is the 2nd time ive been gunned down on my police officer for what i would consider unrealistic reasons for a criminal to shoot. I couldnt imagine how many times Bobby or holiday or any other full time cop has had this happen.
This is not solely based off of what happened today. I thought this rule already meant this until bobby told me it didnt.
I have had many situations out of the 9 ish months ive been on the server where people dont Value their life. Im sure some of the situations ive been in are pretty close to what i consider not valuing my life. But ive always played if someone has a gun to my back throw the hands up. because 99/100 that person will put you down before you can do anything.

Here's what happens with this rule. Everyone pulls a gun. Everyone now has to completely obey when there's a gun drawn on them. This trumps all RP in favor of your version of the rule. Let's say Marty a dumb witted silly cop pulls a gun on me. I know marty. With your version of the rule I have to do what Marty says even though in character I'm not worried about Marty cause I can outwit him.

Alternatively, it would also still affects cops. We would not making a rule like this that only applies to citizens. Which means if a drunk hobo pulls a gun out on a trained cop, the cop must obey. It is one dimensional RP. The scenarios that are created by not having the rule fart out trump the scenarios of having the rule.

As a matter of fact this applies to most rules.

One more example to round things out. Let's say my character is on a downfall story ark. He's lost his business, his friends are turning on him, and he has turned to alcohol /drugs. In this moment he is surrounded by cops for whatever reason and is drunk. According to your rule, i need to just obey the cops. What abut the fact that I'm drunk? What about the fact that my character has nothing left to lose in his mind? What about the RP of possibly dying after getting shot down by the cops from my own mistake? All of that deep RP is gone.

The issues that this rule would fix, could also be fixed by having coaching conversation with the people that you are getting mad at. Instead of taking salty attitudes or throwing shade why are we not as a community holding each other more responsible? We want to grow the RP not constrict it.

While I do get where you're coming from, we can't have rules saying you must comply when someone has a gun on you UNLESS you're 20 feet away and have a chance of taking cover.
The times that people are not valuing their lives is when you either bring it to staff or ask the person to have a conversation after the scenario ends.
Putting in a rule saying you must comply when someone has a gun on you will not create better rp for everyone, only the person who pulls the gun out first.

You guys are making it seem like this has to be black and white when it is completely a grey area in the rules. This has everything to do with rp and characters. If an MC enforcer has a gun to my head im going to react completely different compared to like you said marty had a gun on me. Thats why this is not black and white. This comes down to the disgression of the 2 or more partys involoved in the situation. Im also not saying when ur surrounded by cops and get gunned down you have to perma. Likely you will be shot multiple times but the first responders are already there. At that point in your story ark its your decision whether that is the end for your character. I would sure hope if you get gunned down by a few cops you would take some time like a short 1-whenever coma period to let that situation gestate and your not in a cell in mrpd after getting mag dumped by 3+ officers eating a sandwhich and backtalking about your charges.
All im saying is people need to think about what they are doing. Every character is different. Every interaction between characters are different.
I would hope that people realize who they are in a situation with before they react a certain way. A Cartel hitman like Mateo with a gun on you compared to an old idiot like Beau.
Would you try and pull a gun when you know mateo doesnt care whether he puts 2 in the back of your head? Are you being put in this situation for something you did? or is this a simple thing like they need a hostage for a robbery.
Im not saying you comply everytime. But you take into account who and where and why.
This is not a black and white rule. It is very open to interpretation.

All im saying is VALUE your own Life as if the decisions you make directly impact that character.

Right, which is why we don't have that rule. Our rule is FailRP and you can't do anything that would directly get you killed on purpose like jumping off of a sky scraper or something of the sort. The other version of the rule is more black and white that you are suggesting and that's the reason why we have not implemented it.


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