Form submission: Emergency Medical Services Application
Character Name: Harry Bigstoned

Date of Birth: 03-22-1993

Timezone: PST

How long have you been a civilian in the city?: 0 hours (character is created from scratch)

How active are you in the city?: 0 hours (as a player I'm active 24+ hours a week)

Do you have any experience with EMS (Past cities or real life)? : No.

Have you ever been arrested/convicted of a felony? If so, explain: : No.

Why do you want to join the EMS? (50 or more words required): I'm looking to offer a helping hand to our emergency medical services because current opportunities in the city are lackluster when it comes to my particular interests. I have a passion for healing the injured, curing the sick, aiding the disabled- really anything when it comes to soothing pain and mending the broken. However I have next to no experience in western medicine, I specialize moreso in acupuncture, diet, herbal therapy, meditation, physical exercise, and massage. I'm eager to expand my horizons and learn a more modernized way of healing in the field of EMS.

What do you think the duties of EMS are?: EMS stands for emergency medical services and as such the duties are embedded in the acronym itself. Duties are to provide medical services in situations, emergency or otherwise. It's important to be responsive and immediate in your approach to an emergency situation, because it could be on your mistakes that a person lives or dies. It's also important to be professional and respectful in this line of work, especially when dealing with delicate situations such as life or death.

Reach out to me in discord about setting up an interview.

Amberoskee [E-22]


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