Jan 20, 2020

The 3rd and Final debate took place on January 20th, 2020 at City Hall. It was a long but quite interesting debate, the competitors were Frank Doodle vs. Brain Cummings vs. Harley Blackstone, who joined the 3rd and final debate quite last minute. All Competitors had a very friendly debate while stating their viewpoints very respectfully. Many questions were asked including but not limited to “If elected what policies would be brought to the table?”, “What would you do if you had $1 million to spend?” and “How do you plan on lowering the crime rate in the city?”. To answer one out of the three questions What would you do with $1 Million?

Harley Blackstone: "for me, that would go right back into the city, whether it be people trying to start-up businesses like I said we have a lot of entrepreneurs, i'd like to use that money to put back into the city to boost the economy"

Frank Doodle: "If I were to have one mil it wouldn't be for my hands it would obviously be for the city, first and foremost it's obvious it would go back into the city but where. Into our education system, our lower-income business, there is a lot you can do with a million dollars that's damn near infinite. A free car day would be sick, with a million dollars you could throw a free car day for all those in need"

Brian Cummings: well I respect Mr. Doodles charisma in terms of giving everybody a free car I don't think you realize how many people live in San Andreas, that million dollars ain’t gonna take you far even if you’re buying thousand dollar cars. I'd take that million dollars and I would start building up from the ground up, I would go for the cities info structure look at promoting that, look at promoting our rehabilitation system so that way we get more functioning members back into society, get people back on their feet ASAP and have them start contributing to society as well the more people we have working to make San Andreas a better place not just those in charge but those on the lower level we can do this as a team and make this the BEST state to live in"

As the debate went on many ideas were thrown around by the candidates, such as Brian Cumming’s idea of weekly meetings at city hall or Blackstone’s holding LEO way more accountable for their actions, and making sure that everything is done correctly and by the book. Frank Doodle also threw in he has noticed the amount of crime going around the city and would like to implement way more jobs and money-making opportunities to keep people off the streets. All spectacular Ideas and this city could be heading in the right direction after this election! 

In the closing statements, 
Mr. Doodle said;
-“Vote for someone you already know, someone who is not trying to get to know you for a vote, vote for someone who can give you some hope!” -Frank Doodle 2020

Mr. Blackstone said;
-“I’ve been very involved with Law enforcement whether that be me as a patrol officer, Detective, or Cheif of Police I’ve always been very involved with this community and I’ve personally held meetings at Mission Row PD with officers and many people from the community, me being governer none of this will change my doors will always be open….”

Mr. Brian said;
-”Perhaps I am guilty of not going to every social event, I do apologize for that… I used to own ACE customs and in the background, I do work hard to make sure that people have the funds to improve society as a whole…”
It seems like all candidates would like to see this city headed in the right direction. The official election will be this Monday! January 27th so be prepared to vote for your governor!”


Written By 
Rebecca Dryer Osman


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