I was wondering if we can add on to the bag script by introducing 'briefcases.' Essentially, this is just a re-skinned bag so when used from your inventory, it will prompt your character to do the briefcase emote and then you can access the briefcase's inventory with the same Key prompts you would do with a bag.

Why introduce this? Well, Ive had a few business deals so far where the other person specifically requested the money be brought in a bag but bags only hold 25k, and in some cases, I was paying them upwards to 100k, which would mean 4 bags. 4 bags that I *technically* cant even hold since they're 1/1 in your inventory. 

A briefcase should have the ability to hold 100k. But that's it. If you give it an actual capacity weight wise, make it something low like 25 to 50lbs. Since i believe money doesnt actually 'weigh' anything in our inventory system.

Thank you for your suggestion. I will forward this to the rest of the staff team!


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