Form submission: Emergency Medical Services Application
Character Name: Jake douglas

Date of Birth: 30-11-2000

Timezone: EST

How long have you been a civilian in the city?: Few Weeks / But know about the server for a very long time dew to nathan evans

How active are you in the city?: Very active 5 hours plus

Do you have any experience with EMS (Past cities or real life)? : I have had experience in a game called Arma 3, you have to apply and takes a lot of time to actually join the natural job. You have to learn a whole handbook and follow a bunch of guidelines to proceed to become a member of there ems team.

Have you ever been arrested/convicted of a felony? If so, explain: : Yes, as Jake Douglas has been arrested a lot he had been influenced by the not so good people he wants to change his ways and be a good citizen as he has had experience helping the public.

Why do you want to join the EMS? (50 or more words required): I would enjoy having the role to save people and get have a connection with the people and learn procedures that need to be known as EMS, And how to deal with situations differently. Since I have RP experience in other cities it would give me the chance to get a new take on life in the city and what needs to taken differently in situations. I would enjoy driving around in saving people knowing that I saved them and they are thankful for me being there to support them and get them back on there feet and living.

What do you think the duties of EMS are?: To serve loss Santos with all there heart and make sure everyone is okay and in good condition and be able to get people who are down back to there feet.

Reach out to me in discord about setting up an interview.

Amberoskee [E-22]


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