Form submission: Emergency Medical Services Application
Character Name: John Lincoln

Date of Birth: 12-23-92

Timezone: UTC -6

How long have you been a civilian in the city?: Ive been in the city as a cop for a few months lost count

How active are you in the city?: I usually pull 4-5 hours on avarage sometimes 6

Do you have any experience with EMS (Past cities or real life)? : I used to be an ems chief in a different city i also had real life knowledge from friends and fsmily that were ems.

Have you ever been arrested/convicted of a felony? If so, explain: : Nope record is spotless.

Why do you want to join the EMS? (50 or more words required): I want to join EMS as I'll still be saving lives like i was as a cop but its a safer job and i see we need more ems as of the moment.

What do you think the duties of EMS are?: The duties of ems are from something as small as on scene medical treatment to full on medical transport for serious/life threatening injuries. Also have extensive knowledge of medical tools and equipment.

Please re-submit a more thorough application

Amberoskee [E-22]


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