Ace Customs App - Han Lee
Name : Han Lee
 DOB : 1990-01-01
 Phone# : 98027

 How long have you been in Los Santos? I have been in the city fo 2 days now. Looking for some honest work. I am currently                                                                     driving a taxi fo the people of Los Santos.
 Availability: I am available most days.
 Do you have experience handling oversized vehicles? Back in Korea I used to handle various shipments fo the oranization                                                                                            where I worked.
 What qualifications do you have to be a mechanic? I have always worked on all of my cars as well as my bosses cars making                                                                                      sure they are in tip top shape and work without fail as it could be life or                                                                                        death.

 Have you been been convicted of crimes? I have not.
 Are you a legal citizen? No I am here on a "work" visa.

As a member of Ace Customs we expect you to represent the company as best as you can while on duty. We pride ourselves in customer service and quick response times. During the  interview you may be given a driving test with the truck. Company vehicles are expensive and are to be treated with the utmost respect.

By submitting this application, I Han Lee swear that all details provided are authentic. If chosen fo the job, I will uphold the company guidelines of Ace Customs. If I fail to do so, I understand I will be terminated. I will not abuse the privileges of the job.

Reach out to Quincy Thomas to set up a interview


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