Benjamin Carter Ace Application
Name: Benjamin Carter
Date of Birth: 12-16-1990
Phone#: 66178

How long have you been in Los Santos?- 10 months

Why have you decided to apply to be a member of Ace Customs?- I want to work at Ace Customs because I believe that they can bring a lot of pleasure and joy into the city. Ace is a staple of Los Santos

What is your availability?- 20+ hours a week. 

Do you have experience handling oversized vehicles? Yes. 

What qualifications do you have to be a mechanic?(Previous Experience etc)- I have spent a lot of time with cars before. Never had an official mechanic job, but, I have done minor simple repairs to my own vehicles.

What does being a mechanic mean to you?- A mechanic is someone who see's a car and imagines what that car could look like after he/she has dealt with that car. If the car is broken, the mechanic can fix it. If the car is stock, the mechanic can upgrade it.

Have you been convicted of crimes?- No.

Are you a legal citizen? If not do you have a working visa?- Yes.

As a member of Ace Customs we expect you to represent the company as best as you can while on duty. We pride ourselves in customer service and quick response times. During the interview you may be given a driving test with the truck. Company vehicles are expensive and are to be treated with the utmost respect.

By submitting this application, I Benjamin Carter swear that all details provided are authentic. If chosen for the job, i will uphold the company guidelines of Ace Customs. If i fail to do so, i understand i will be terminated. I will not abuse the privileges of the job.


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