New Type of Drug (cuz we need that Kap)
Oxy/Percocet: Pain Pill that can be acquired by robbing grocery stores or is a whitelisted drug job.
Robbing them from stores: The person would go into the store (maybe in multiple locations) and attempt to steal them from a shelf or from behind the counter. Maybe could have an npc similar to the gas stations. It would have a random amount from 1-20? That the player could steal.
Whitelisted Version: The person in charge of it would have to go to a designated location that they would have to get a shipment that the person would have to take to a secondary location to open it. The shipment would be purchased by the player via a closed system and would be delivered similar to how the dark web works. After getting the shipment maybe stuffed in teddy bears or something like that the player must take tools or take it to a location connected to the whitelist to open them up to obtain the drugs. It could be a set amount you earn or a random amount in the containers.
Selling Prices: If you can sell it to npc’s I believe it should be cheapish making a little bit over to make profit but using the same thing current drug selling does by making them stay in an area for more money. But the main focus should be to focus on selling to players.

What does it do: Maybe allow players to take it for a healing over time, let them run longer before getting tired, or something with preventing pain.


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New Type of Drug (cuz we need that Kap)0