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I am recommending a change to the police SOP. I do not think its fair or ok to identify someone solely on voice. Especially when 95% of our cops use the same voice on every character they have. I think especially for those who try and use a different voice or accent on different characters that they should not be punished because they are trying to create an actual character.

Can confirm police identify and solely put out warrants on voice alone. Happened to me when i was the only asian sounding char in the city at the time.

False, you got a warrant because I rolled up as you were getting in. With the same outfit you were in last time you were arrested. Into a convertible. Then you talked which gave me the rest I needed. Talk to people don’t assume why you get warrants.

Are we supposed to be RPing that this is a city of over a million people? Wouldn't it be reasonable to believe that people would have a similar appearance in a city that size? Most cops RP as a city of 32 people and so they know everyone in the city, and what they drive and what they wear. If this is what staff wants then thats fine. I was just requesting a SOP change to stop the metagaming from happening in the first place.

I was also playing as a PED Model(not many clothing options) and by the time i got into the car you were half block to a block away. but ok eagle eye

The point is it happens, and it shouldn't.

Even when you were chief though you told me we could use voice as an identified multiple times if it’s their normal voice and they aren’t trying to mask it in any way. I’ve been identified on Ragnar by other crims just from my voice. It’s the same thing on either side and crims identify cops based on voices aswell. Literally everyone does it but only complains on the cop side. It has to change on everyone’s side for it to work not just one side just because people don’t want warrants but will happily know exactly who kidnapped them and did whatever to them based on something they heard or wore or what car/bike they were on. I agree it shouldn’t happen but it’s been in the SOP since before I was a cop.

Not true, the only time I ever said just voice was ok is when someone who wears a mask all the time says “you don’t know who I am because of my mask” ask anyone that’s why I absolutely hate that everyone just wears masks all the time. The reason it’s more important for cops is because they actually affect you money and time served in jail whereas citizens don’t. Should they respect the RP? Yes. But cops need to stop trying to win so much that they metagame based on voice. ESPECIALLY when that cop uses the same voice as every character.


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