Class 2 weapons
I think class 2 weapons should be available on the black market, even at a steep price. This will help with competition from the only person with access to them, and also for people not within the circle of the people who have them to obtain them.

There is a class 2 on the dark web and lots of people have class 2s and get them often they just don’t use them. There are multiple people to get class 2 weapons from.

There is 1 class 2 on the dark web, no attachments. I just don’t think it’s right or fair to have to get them from 1 person. We need to think outside of our little click and make the server friendly for new users and other groups.

Yes it’s still a class 2. So you have to rp to figure out where to get others from or by them from the many people who stockpile them and never use them because a large majority of the server has class 2s not just the circles of the multiple places to get guns from. New people can get a class 2 from the dark web and figure out where to get more.

I understand the process, but thats not my point, my point is to have competition for the person selling the guns.

Also to have a place to get class 2 weapons when those individuals aren't around.

If that happened i'd rather it be a place to buy for cash instead of just the regular black market. So it'll help cash economy instead of just the shitcoin economy.

Yes, but then if everyone could buy class 2 for regular cash then there would be really no need for shitcoin. I think it should still be crypto, but maybe a much higher price, or you can find people in the city willing to sell. but I think we should still have both options.


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