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The point of this is post to bring a bit of awareness to changes happening on the forum, so if you dont care about my personal info, you can get to the meat of this post down at "Forum Duties "

Name: Zach, but people mostly call me Bong

Hobbies: I mainly just game, smoke alot of weed and fuck with alot of types of music. I used to stream games and just chatting before I blew two power supplies and fucked up my hardware. I also used to be into video/photo editing but I do it for fun and I'm not really capable of professional quality production.

Characters: A majority of people know me for my Jesus character, but another more known character on the rise of mine would be Piper Doodle, aka Puff Daddy, aka cheapass overpriced carsalesman. Both of these characters I operate within the bounds of the rules, but where one leans more towards serious RP, the other one is designed to be more cartoon-based with aspects that would be considered shitlordy to some other roleplayers. I personally find that a healthy amount of both silly and serious type characters can exist in a serious roleplay type setting. One of too much makes the mix stale, but an equal amount of both keeps things smooth.

Forum Duties: I've been tasked with the upkeep of forum activity. So essentially this means that when you make a post on the forums, I'm gonna hop on it and do my best to give you a response in a reasonable amount of time. I'll keep staff updated on information being posted here and do what I can to make sure the overall topic is also resolved as soon as possible. I myself will able to resolve certain topics with the power delegated to me, but for certain other areas of the forums I will ask you for patience. I want to make sure that you, as the community, feel you are being heard in a respectful way but with that in mind, I would like to ask those of you reading this to understand that staff does have an agenda, a todo list, and things will be handled as quickly as they can be in an order that is fit with other tasks being handled. My DMs on discord will always be open to every member of the community in a capacity that is a member needing to talk with staff, just remember that there is a chain of command in where information is handled so patience is key. As always, I'm also welcome to constructive criticism, so if you feel my methods to be incorrect, then by all means let me know. We all have room for improvement and I'm no exception.

About me: I dont really know what to type here so i'll just start off by saying i've been roleplaying for 17 years. I started off roleplaying on various text-based pokemon, naruto and bleach websites. Some were simple forums where it was purely RP focused, some others were text-based games with PvE turn-based fighting systems and exp progression systems that supported an underlying roleplay community. I've only been on FiveM for little over a year, so most of the experience from text-based RP transferred over and helped me get into the groove of RP on GTA/FiveM. For a few years, RP took a backburner and I took up competitive gaming, which of course developed a mean win mentality that sometimes leaks into my RP. It's a controllable problem and I dont mind admitting it, afterall we're all human and error is just natural. I've gotten alot better at letting roleplay grow even if the risk of taking an L is there because at the end of the day, it really isnt about winning or losing, its just about telling a story the best way you can and having fun telling it along the way.



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