New Crafting
I think for future crafting it would be cool if we break down the traditional parts into more sub sections. Instead of just the regular car parts we have. Similar to no pixel with aluminum, rubber, iron, plastic, electronics etc.
This would allow for more intricate crafting in the future and for people to be more creative when it comes to business apps. 
As for current businesses like mechanics and car upgrade shops they would actually need certain materials to perform any upgrade/repair not just illegal ones. 
I think this would add to the realism.
Or if parts are left the same car shops would need parts to do regular upgrades. Then mechanic shops would need some way of getting legal parts to be able to do these upgrades. As well as having the illegal stream of parts coming in.

This could also give the pawn shop another revenue stream if electronic parts were added in as they could break down stolen electronics and be able to sell the parts to whoever.
Still thinking about other things but this is all i have for now.

Thank you for your suggestion. I'll be taking it to staff shortly.

[Updated reply; forum wont let me make a separate post]

So for the most part, this isn't an idea we're looking to expand upon because it adds unnecessary steps for existing player jobs with next to no overall benefit other than it opens up the possibility for the revival of the crafting bench. Which was replaced by the dark web. I believe there can be a world where a crafting bench and dark web exists eventually, it's just at this point in time I feel like one idea would detract interest from the other idea, which is counter-productive to our goal of getting the dark web up on it's feet. As for future businesses utilizing raw material to either get a start-up, or simply maintain their stock, it simply is not viable right now. However with all of that said, I feel like this is an idea that we can revisit in the future and I personally will do what I can to present a case for it when that time comes. Thanks again for your suggestion.

understandable Smile


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