Tracking cars
I'd love to be able to go to a garage and see a full list of my cars and what garages they are at or if they are at impound. I used to always keep it on a notepad but sometimes you just forget to take notes.

I'm right there with you, my man. Sometimes my ass can't remember where I left a car so I look in almost every garage before I find it. This is definitely a good quality of life adjustment. But this QoL type stuff, which usually sits on a backburner with other QoL things and gets handled inbetween larger projects. So I'll push the suggestion to my higher ups and get back to ya with a verdict when I can.

Thanks for submitting a suggestion. Appreciate it!  Smile

Yea, it's just a small QoL change I know it wouldn't be a huge priority. Thank ya Bong!


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