Form submission: Highstakes LEO application
Character Name: Avery Miller

Date of Birth: 05021992

Timezone: CTC

How long have you been a civilian in the city?: 2-3years

How active are you in the city?: 10hr

Why do you want to be a LEO?: I enjoy the role play style of police work. The interaction between citizen is enjoyable. I like the art of police work, having to discover new things and events. I believe in creating story line and coming up with conclusion.

Have you been a part of another Emergency Response faction from our server? If yes, which one(s)?: Yes, I was previously as high as a LT

Tell us a little about you and who you are (as in-game character, 150 word minimum):  Avery  is your typical do gooder. Always trying to keep his nose clean. Avery moved to Los Santos to begin a new life.  Since he's been in Los Santos he has taken the role of Emergency Medical Support. He worked the ranks until he achieved the rank of chief. Just by sheer dedication and hard work. While in Los Santos Avery has meet a good and trusty friend  who has served along side in EMS. During his days as an EMS Avery wasn't too happy at the state EMS was in. So seeking new opportunities avery decided to join LSPD.  While in LSPD a stickler to procedures and the law. He seeks to get Justice to those who opposed the law. If matters don't go as procedures dictates, Avery has no problems in getting himself dirty in order to get his Justice.  Avery is done with his retirement and is wanting to return into law enforcement but as he ages he now wish to take a more country side of the law and willing to join BCSO under its new management sheriff Bobby B.

Contact Sheriff Boudreaux and setup a Interview.


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