Court System Guidelines


Court System Guidelines

How to become a lawyer:
In order to become a lawyer you must submit an application on the website which includes a small bar exam.

How to become a Judge:
In order to become a judge you must be approved by staff. This will be judged off of the quality of RP involving the legal system. Zero crime/Corruption on the character going for a judge position is a server rule for this role and is bannable, same as police.

How to start/submit a court case:
In order to start a case you must first contact an approved lawyer and present your case to them. If the lawyer decides to take the case they will gather all information from the submitting party and present the case to a judge either in character or over Discord DM’s.

A recognized Judge will decide whether or not a case will be heard in court. Should the Judge decide to hear a case, the lawyer will be contacted with a date to present the case in court. If the case is between a citizen and a police department, a meeting between both parties may be called upon by the judge to attempt a settlement.

A lawyer may choose if they wish to be a public defender or a paid/hired attorney. Both positions will be honored upon request/availability when someone is arrested. Lawyers have 5 minutes to respond to a request from a client or police department. This may be extended at the discretion of the highest ranking officer on duty for the respected department. (Requests to Sandy and Paleto PD should be expected to take a bit longer.)

Lawyers may be corrupt/commit crime if they choose but can be disbarred/discredited if caught and risk having any pending cases dismissed.

Lawyers are to understand that under the constraints of the game/server that some arguments are invalid due to lack of mechanics in the game. Lawyers should focus on the laws of the city and not so much on real life law.

Lawyers should take time to present cases in a professional and organized manner. (Google Docs or an organized Message/DM to a judge.)

A Judge may not be corrupt or commit crime. This is a server rule and is a bannable offense. This role is to be taken seriously when hearing cases and is to show zero favoritism to either party.

Judges are expected to be active in answering case requests. We understand that there may not be alot going on to main RPing a Judge character but you are expected to commit to the role and be ready to answer DM’s/Requests involving cases. 

Judges may not disclose any case information with any unauthorized parties.

Search Warrants/Seizure of property:

Police departments may submit requests for Search Warrants and Seizure of property to a judge. This requires a rank determined by Police SOP’s or approval by either the Chief of Police or Sheriff.  Should such a request be approved, it may either be roleplayed out with the arrested person (ex: letting police search your vehicle/apartment) or will be handled by staff through the database. 

Personal Wills:
Wills must be created with a lawyer in RP and must be done prior to the death of a character. Any will made after the time of death of a character will not be honored and if caught transfering items to yourself or other characters will be punished. Wills must be written up and submitted by an approved lawyer to a judge for record. Anyone found creating a will and then killing off a character will also be punished. Wills are to be treated as serious roleplay and will not be used to give your friends cars/money. Staff discretion will be used upon death of characters. There may only be one person named/receiving property in any will.

If a will has been accepted by staff then the receiving character should they wish to accept it will be charged a 10% tax on any property received and will inherit any debt passed on by the Will. Property may be seized by the government should a debt reach an excessive amount.

Rules of Conduct:

OOC Information: Anyone participating in a court case may not use any Out Of Character information period. Examples of this would be but are not limited to: “I/He/She was not even in the City(Sever) at the time of said incident.”, “Watch my twitch VOD” or anything that has not been roleplayed correctly.

Anyone that interrupts/delays a court case may be held and charged for contempt of court or obstruction of justice. This includes but is not limited to outbursts, disrespect/disregard for a judge's orders during a case. Or anything that may interrupt a hearing. 

Evidence Submission:

Any evidence that is wished to be used in a case must be submitted to the judge prior to the case starting. The judge hearing the case will inform both parties of the case when the final deadline for evidence will be. 

Any evidence used from streams must have been recorded properly through roleplay and obtained properly. Using someone else vod/clips without properly obtaining these videos in RP will not be accepted. 

Either party may call for a Maximum of two witnesses for their case. This does not include the defendant.

Order of a court hearing:

Opening statements should start with the prosecution but can be led by the defense if both parties agree. 
Prosecution presents/questions witnesses.
Defense questions witness, or present their own if possible.
Prosecution presents evidence. 
Defense presents or counter argues the evidence. 
Closing statements order, can be agreed on or started by the prosecution. 
Judge deliberations.

Court Costs: Cost should be made clear from lawyer to client on what it will cost them to represent and present their case.

Compensation: Compensation for a dollar amount per x time served in jail may be requested by the representing lawyer to the judge. This amount may be approved/denied/modified by the judge.


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