Idea For Pizza Workers
I think it would be a good idea to add a GPS for pizza workers cause if you do not have money for phone it is really hard to drive around to your pizza delivery spots because you have to stop all the time and look at the map. It also would make sense for Pizza Workers to have built in GPS to their cars. Might be a cool idea for other jobs too.

You are provided with alternatives already if you are not fortunate enough to have a phone. Simply press the ESC button and the menu for the base game will pop up with a map showing you where you need to go. I understand your suggestion, and I even understand the frustration of having to work these jobs without a phone, but this is all apart of roleplay. Implementing built-in GPS features on the sole reason that your character is having a rough patch, especially with having alternative GPS methods at your disposal, is not a good enough reason for an idea such as this. If however you can provide me with some other points as to why a feature like this would be beneficial to these jobs, I'm happy to hear them.


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