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I'd like to see a way to get points removed for your license over time if you do not get any traffic violations. 72hrs without a ticket and you can remove 2 points maybe? Anything really, I've been like a month with 9 points on my license and every time I ask in character how I can get them removed there is never an option available. I have brought it up to some cops as well, but I figured I'd go ahead and throw it on suggestions. Just another super minor suggestion.

This is a great idea. I'm shocked there's not already a system in place to deal with points. I would suggest personally that you handle this issue in RP for the moment. For example, I think I saw you tweet out yesterday about driving lessons. I'm not sure if this was sarcasm, but if it wasn't, then you already took the right first step to getting this done. Some tips I would suggest, is that you get together with Bobby or Tanker, maybe both, and talk to them about a permit in RP to open a driving school. And, on the off chance that you arent actually interested in running a driving school in RP, you can still take the issue of stagnant points to someone like Tanker or Bobby in RP as a concerned civilian. If you take the appropriate steps to get a system like this in place in RP and other parties are not willing to work with you based on reasonable requests, let me know personally and I'll take this to staff to see if there are solutions.

As far as i'm concerned, points should not stay forever and a citizen should have every chance to shave some off whether that's with time passed or through a driving school.

I don't know if I would personally do a driving school I was just kind of throwing the idea out there because I hadn't seen anyone else do it. I will try to talk with Tanker or Bobby IC though to see if we can work something out. And if anyone else reads this and would have a passion for doing driving school I'd totally RP it out with ya. I'll figure something out IC thanks for your feedback bong.


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