Server Rules
HighStakesRP FiveM Server Rules of Conduct

Reporting Players or Scenarios

We recommend solving the issue with the other party before reporting them if the rulebreak is not severe (like hacking for example.) We’re a community after all and we should be able to solve issues with each other without needing the mediation of staff but if you feel that staff attention warrants it you can do the following
-You may use ‘Waiting Room’ in our discord for live support.
-If live support is not available, there is a section in our forums where you can report someone.


You are not allowed to use information you gained out of character while you are in character. We do not allow stream-sniping or use of third party communication programs while ingame (ex. Discord or Skype).


Powergaming is a form of gaming inwhere the player abuses game mechanics or the exploitation of a bug in the game to their advantage. Alternatively, powergaming can also be the use of non-existent game mechanics to force scenarios into their favor. And lastly, powergaming can even be the purposeful non-use of game mechanics in contexts where you should use them.
-Fighting immediately after recovering inside of a hospital, or after being picked up by medics
-Using your radio while downed
-Roleplaying that your character has unrealistic superpowers
-Not using /me in a scenario where a cop or medic is doing a /me to check for your wounds. You should always respond with the appropriate /me and failing to do so is purposely withdrawing roleplay from others.
-Repeatedly not fearing for your life when threatened with weapons, or larger threats.
-Jumping to gain speed in foot chases
-Proning in any context that prevents negative status effects or simply furthers your advantage as a character in situations


RDM (Random Death Match) killing someone or intending to kill someone without a proper RP scenario/storyline leading up to the interaction. Hitman RP is not allowed and considered RDM. Killing someone should always have a valid RP reason, not my character is a killer so he kills people.


VDM (Vehicle Death Match) is killing someone or intending to kill someone with your vehicle, there is no scenario other than being fired upon should you ever kill someone with your vehicle. Additionally, intentionally ramming someone else’s car without a valid reason will be treated as VDM.

Shooting From Vehicles

Shooting out of your vehicle is only to be used in self-defense, securing someone as a hostage or keeping a hostage at gunpoint during a hostage situation at an active scenario. Drive-by gameplay will not be allowed.

Combat Logging

You cannot log out or crash your game to avoid conflict, consequences or scenarios in general. If you are downed in an active scenario vs another enemy party, you must wait the full bleed out timer before you evac or this will also be considered combat logging.

No NLR/Respawning

In our server, there is no NLR and it is up to the roleplayer’s discretion to roleplay out injuries or inflictions the way they see fit. You are not allowed to return to an area you were downed at for at least 15 minutes, even if you received medical attention. Each of your characters has a single life and so when you ‘/do, or /me, is dead,’ then you are fully expected to permanently end that character’s existence in our server.

Intrusive RP

This pertains to people forcing themselves into scenarios. If you are not apart of the original parties that created the scenario in question, then you as a third party should not intrude by forcing yourself into the scenario. This also includes calling for a friend to aid you when said friend was not priorly already engaged in the active scenario that you are requesting aid in. 

Unrealistic RP

This rule covers a lot and there is a lot of staff discretion involved in cases of Unrealistic RP. Basically if youre doing something ridiculous with a general disregard for your life.
-Constantly exceeding speeds of 100+mph to get from point A to point B in the city.
-Cop Baiting
-Robbing cops in a scenario where you were not intending to rob them or in a scenario where you were not the party who downed the cops
-Entering the military base, or prison yard, as a character with no valid roleplay reasoning
-Not having a valid roleplay reason to operate a helicopter/plane or not having any regard for realistic flight restrictions. 
-Parking cars inside of interiors that are not designed to have cars driven through them

Water Evading

You cannot drive or jump into the water to get away from police.

-Robberies with plans that include boat escapes must have a plan that they are ready to execute immediately upon getting on the boat. Circling the water and seeing who has more gas is not a proper escape plan.

Valuing your Life

There is no excuse for purposely downing your character and not properly roleplaying the injuries. This means that if you choose to jump off a building, or disobey orders at gunpoint prior to being shot down, then you are expected to roleplay out your injuries, or face the repercussions behind those actions. In a context where you purposely chose to not value your life, the injuries and actions that come from that are entirely up to you, however repeatedly choosing to ignore injuries in situations where you are being far too reckless with your character will be considered abuse of this rule and you can face a perma-ban.

Hate Speech

We understand that in RP there is always going to be characters that are ignorant, but derogatory terms like the N word or the F word (and no we don't mean fuck) will not be permitted in any way. Breaking this rule and then acting oblivious about it will not go well for you.


You must vocally initiate with someone prior to engaging them with hostile roleplay. You need to make an attempt in a vocal manner that lets the other party know they are now in an active scenario with you. Twitter, or text messages, do not count as initiation as this is not a vocal form of communication. The only exception is robberies - initiation starts as soon as the robbery does.

Hostage Situations

Using friends as hostages, or paying people to be hostages, is frowned upon and while it isn’t necessarily unrealistic, it is just in all aspects of roleplay considered to be poor. If you continue to do this, and the cops suspect it, you can very well be punished in RP for it.
-Hostages may be exchanged for 1 demand
-Tactical Demands: Safe passage, no spike strips at all, and request a getaway vehicle from the surrounding area, are the only advantages to criminals that you can request. Under rare circumstances where the cops really want to save the hostage, unusual tactical demands can be acquired, however they will not be stated here.
-Wacky demands: Asking cops to sing, dance, play a game or just generally anything RP related that isn’t directly related to an advantage for the criminals.

1 Hostage can be Exchanged for:
-No Spike Strips
-Free Passage
-Roleplay Demands
-Removing One Unit (Two Max May be removed)

2 Hostages can be Exchanged for:
-No Heli Support
-No Pursuit Vehicle 

Requesting No Helicopter At Yacht Heists Will Not Be Honored.


There is to be absolutely NO joyriding Police or EMS vehicles. Must have a viable reason to use a Police or EMS vehicle.  If used as an escape vehicle, it must be your only option and you are expected to abandon it as soon as you are able. If used as a prop vehicle to fit the image of impersonating a cop for reasons that would further your story with someone, then you are expected to initiate and resolve the scenario by ditching the cop car as soon as you are able. Dressing up as a cop and stealing a cop car simply to pull people over is not a good enough reason and will be seen as joyriding.


You are allowed to remove people’s limbs, however they are allowed to roleplay still having the removed limb after the scenario fully resolves.

Rape RP

RPing sexually with someone against their will (IC or OOC) is not allowed in any way, shape, or form.  Even if it was okay with the both parties OOC it will result in a permanent Ban.

Exploiting or Hacking

If you are caught exploiting for in game money and do not report it, your character will be wiped. Second offense you will be banned. Hacking of ANY kind is grounds for immediate permanent ban with no chance of appeal. (This includes if a hacker gives you money/car/weapons and you fail to report it.)

Store and Bank Robberies

Initiation starts as soon as the silent alarm goes off. You are expected to have a plan which includes how to escape from the premises. Expecting to "wait it out" is not a plan of escape. All criminals must be inside the bank or store to be considered part of the RP scenario. You can be outside as a lookout or get away driver but cannot initiate any sort of hostile action while outside UNTIL you have been fully brought into the scenario and the cops are aware of your presence.

-Do not attempt to rob a store or bank when server restart has been announced.


You should have a good backstory for each of your characters, what makes them who they are and why they react certain ways. Not everyone needs to be a trained killer or gangster. Step out of your comfort zone and have fun with your character.

Creating a backstory to justify your style of fail RP will not be tolerated. Character development should be more deep than this:
- My character is a trained sniper with PTSD so he snipes people. 
- My character is a serial killer, so he kills people. 

Group Initiation

Groups larger than 4 cannot initiate or be involved in any hostile action. This includes robberies, and kidnappings. You are able to hang out in groups as large as you want but cannot initiate while in a group larger than 4. If you are in a larger group and a smaller group initiates with you, you are allowed to hold your ground as a group. Radio channels that are being operated with criminal intent should only consist of the 4 people of the group. 

Gang Roleplay

If a group of 5 or more want to initiate on a rival group of 5 or more certain criteria must be met. Also, to prevent unnecessary back and forths, as well as griefing, when a gang has won a situation, the winner of that scenario should wait to initiate hostile action against the other rival party until given proper RP reason.
-There must be a verbal threat of incoming war clearly made in a previous scenario. in person. I.E.(We're going to come back with my boys and bring you hell)
-Valid RP reason (NO gang war will be had over twitter beefs or silly reasons)
-All normal rules of initiation must apply. Normal Rules of initiation include all people involved must be known and included in the initiation. If they are late to the party they are out of the scenario. (No sniper RP at all will be tolerated)
-Revenge from a previous Gang War is not a valid RP reason for a gang war. If you lose the Gang War you may not initiate over the same RP reason. You lost the battle.

Unrealistic Flying

Should you have a valid RP reason to be flying a helicopter/Plane. You must take into consideration realistic flight restrictions. If you attempt to land a plane/helicopter within city limits (or town) anywhere other than an authorized airfield or helipad this would be unrealistic. Flying low over the city/buildings will also be considered unrealistic. 

Robbing Cops

Robbing cops is allowed, if the original intention was to rob them and they are downed because of it then you are allowed to loot them when they are downed. If you were not trying to rob them, for example if it was a chase or shootout you are not allowed to rob them.  


All Hospitals and The Prison Parking lot will be considered greenzones. You may not initiate hostile action in a greenzone, but you may resolve hostile scenarios that led into a greenzone. Be cautious though, as a player you should not wander into a greenzone attempting to drop aggro from another player simply because you know what kind of area this is, that is Fail RP.


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