My opinion on loans is that there is a lot that has to go into place before it is implemented. I think the person financing should go in with a down payment, of course, 20% or so. A side thought is is to have it actually play time for your payments to be due. With all of this also comes an assumption that there are some sort of repo men etc. to collect on outstanding loans. 

I've played on servers where people pay their 20% down and never make a payment because there is nobody to repo. Essentially, they drive around in a super car for 20% of the cost and never pay a single payment. They wouldn't be able to take out another loan because there is one existent but at that point who cares right? Loans for items such as super cars, exotics, etc. should come with a higher interest or not be able to financed at all. Cash or go home.

With being out of the loop a bit, I have no idea what the actual discussion is on this but just what came to mind when I saw a very simple question being asked. There is def more to it, if you default on your loan for your house is everything taken, if you get qualified through owning two vehicle are those taken, if so by who and what is the process?

I think for a community vote to be of any credit in this particular case there needs to be more information to go off of. If it's not publicly available don't make it a community decision because my input doesn't really matter when I don't know what is going on behind the scenes and can't somewhat take these questions into play when I'm voting for a decision. Although, I do appreciate the though in wanting the community involved in the vote. Let's do it right if it's to have any weight.

It would be handled the same it is handled no. I as the bank message the person in discord letting them they are in debt and if they do not start making the payment then their assests would be seized for the value of their debt. We have no real way to do repo so its usually handled by me in discord with a warning letter then the next step.

As for payments, they would come out daily just like rent. When requesting a loan it gives you interest and daily rates with different offers. Aka 4 Weeks Loan, 3 week, 2 and 1. Also We have a max cap for the loan set. My goal with the prerequisite is to make sure its someone who is going to stick around and not make a burner character to make money off of. I think that the property, (due to the rp that goes into getting a property and the daily cost of it) would be the best way, personally.

When it is spelled out for me and explained, I agree. It makes sense from a dev perspective and I don't think anyone would be mad in that scenario if they knew off rip what they were signing up to. Having property, through the process it requires in RP, is kind of a safe-guard I get that. When I went to vote I had no idea what i was voting on and went to just asking what-ifs.

I think that if it is implemented it should be blatantly clear for people, even throughout the selling a house process. Realtors make it clear that they could possible finance a car off of their house etc.


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