Current state of RP and transitioning to Onesync
I think that everything being added from a dev perspective is great and I know that there is a ton of effort being put into it. From my perspective, I think this is the least of High Stake's worries. I tried to address this a little bit in the community meeting but I don't think that it had any effect on public opinion.

I believe our main issue with the current state of high stakes is our community. While I love each and every one of the people in the community (I think most would agree to that as I've heard out all sides) there needs to be a switch to promote healthy RP for the transition to a onesync server to be successful and it falls on us.

I'll be completely transparent, no shade just stating what I see. I watched a scenario go down at UD tonight that was just all around shit in terms of RP. You had on one side, Sean Wayne, Tommy Doodle, Mikey Doodle, and Apollo Green vs the whole of cops. When I turned on Kevin's stream I thought, "Oh shit this looks fun AF" and it could have been. That did not turn out to be the case. Eventually, the crims got upset over some scuff and then Bobby also got annoyed and checked out of the scenario. Meanwhile, all the crims were in a discord call together while Bobby was in a discord call with Tanker and Brian. This may not sound important but it is. I guarantee all of the crims made their mind they were wronged and the cops did the same thing (all through OOC shit) which led to more distaste for each other, which I believe is more than IC, and a shitty scenario for both involved in terms of RP. If the standard for cops vs crims is just to hate each other and get salty at almost every scenario what is the point? Why play? I make this particular example because it is so evident from someone looking in and recent.

So to my next point, I believe that people need to have more respect for each other and learn to have fun in scenarios. Crims should offer fun scenarios or even if they don't there shouldn't be that mentality of we hate you and you hate us, which is so so obvious from an outsider's perspective. Being toxic towards others in the community should be the absolute worst of offense in terms of staff's decisions. It is ABSOLUTELY a problem in this community. Example, one person is in a discord with another and they are talking about their last scenario with such and such, next thing you know another member of said discord gets involved in a scenario with them and doesn't offer them a chance in RP. With that in mind and with the current state of things, I don't know how to fix it. I can't even tell you how many times there is shit talked behind people's characters to the extent I've felt it was more just against the person behind the character. The idea is to promote a healthy RP environment and even for myself it is hard not to fall into the popular opinion in some of these situations.

Next, I think moderation and staff team needs to be held to higher standards. Again no shade, but when I hear an admin IC, "If they want to get mad about that we just won't respond to their shit and ignore them," huh???? In saying this, I also think that ALL of us should be held to that same standard, but my emphasis on staff etc is that they are to be the examples. When public opinion turns to, "How is this person even a mod?" or anything of that nature, why would you ever report anything or try to speak up to someone you don't trust anyways? Part of RP, in bigger servers, is holding others accountable and we are HUGELY lacking on that. A moderator or admins first job is to hear out the public in that role, regardless of anything IC and take it as a judge would. I think that favorites need to never be played and a rework of how the mod, reports, etc works needs to occur. Let's be honest, reports don't mean anything at this point if you're a regular in the server.

My point for the staff team is because I believe it is necessary if you want to incorporate more people into the server, which I would assume is the goal if we are moving to onesync. I understand staff is accessible etc but reports are just not serious atm unless you just go out of your way to blatantly break a rule. I will also say that probably 80% of the community could have been eligible for perma bans at some point (including myself), but if I had a shitty scenario break out IC that led to an accidental fuck up I would know that staff would hear me out and I don't know if this is true for people who are newer to the community, especially those who rub the right person the wrong way. I completely understand the entire staff team busts their ass for this server but in terms of actual moderation etc. I think there needs to be a change IF it the status of the server is to be changed.

I'm saying all of this just because I want people to wake up a little. I would like to come back and play on HS and see a population of 50. That'd be fuckin' sweet, but I think a lot needs to be changed besides just adding new features through dev work. If it's not an issue for others, fine. I will still continue to be friends with everyone in the community I'll just take it for what I see it as and get over it. WE NEED MORE PEOPLE ON THE SERVER, we need an environment that can be somewhat forgiving to possible new people (I'd talk to people personally in this regard OOC if they were fuckin up in something that needed addressed and try to help), and one that allows more fun to be had in RP for cops/crims everyone, while still being welcoming to new RP.

**the example given was purely an example meant to demonstrate the divide and also to stir people up a bit to talk. This was very clear through my perspective that there was an issue, and I've seen it so many times. The issue at hand is not that particular scenario but instead the mentality as a whole and how to fix it.


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